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Eight cities in Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania are examined in the project network. The individual studies involve several domains of urban life. They treat problems that manifest particularly radically in that individual city, but, in a globalized world, also cause difficulties in many other cities: Environmental ethics in Auckland, cultural heritage in Istanbul, movements for Slow-City-Lifestyle in Tokyo, the question of the subject status of citizens in Moscow, conflicts over affordable housing in Munich, architectural modernization as economic and cultural modernization in Singapore, the dispute over the "right" form of the city and its corresponding ways of life in Berlin and Bucharest.

In those case studies, the formations of urban ethics go hand in hand with conflictual macro-level processes of change and transformation. They are also associated with differing ideas and projects of modernity that are intertwined in globalization processes. Such processes are first visible and experienced in metropolises and large cities, where specific pre-conditions are given, like-minded people can be found and social differences coexist.