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Project Supervisor
Prof. Dr. Gordon Winder, Professor of Economic Geography and Sustainability Research
Research and Teaching Unit Economic Geography and Tourism Research
Department of Economic Geography

I became involved in the Urban Ethics research group through my interests in innovation, networks and sustainability. Both the economic performativity of Singapore’s architects within the city state’s creative cities policies and the ethics of their roles, designs and built environments fascinate me as an economic geographer.

Project Manager
Michaela Busenkell Dipl.-Ing. Architecure

Within the ambit of my curatorial work for Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt, I dealt with the contemporary architecture of Singapore between modernist planning and new interpretations of traditional designs in Southeast Asia. In 2011, I curated the exhibition "Architektur atmet - Breathing Architecture" which concerned the work of the Singaporean architects WOHA who have developed a specifically tropical form of "green" architecture. I am particularly interested in the immediate link between the architecture of Singapore and issues of social identity/ies and values, as well as the integration of architectural artifacts in cultural and ethical discourses.